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Give made-in-Michigan gifts this year!

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

We can make it easy for you to satisfy those hard-to-buy-for family members, co-workers, and office staff.  With our market full of local and Michigan-made gourmet food items, you can find tasty gifts to suit the old and young and all of us who think we’re in between!  We have  ready-to-ship gift baskets, and are happy to put together custom baskets (please just give us some time to complete the custom basket after you order it!).  From no-sugar-added to organic and natural products, we have Michigan treats that are sure to please.    Stop in at our market in Hart and enjoy a complimentary cup of hot spiced cider as you browse!   We have free samples of apples and other products for you to try, as well!  And with any gift purchase, select a complimentary handmade gift tag to fit the occasion.

Is that a field of mustard?

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

You may be wondering why there are some photos of a field with yellow flowers on our home page.  Dave grew a special variety of mustard on this field, for a special purpose.  A nasty pest (nematode) lives in the soil; it is a microscopic worm that feeds on the roots of desirable crops.  Dave is trying a new method for managing this pest.  By growing this special variety of mustard to full bloom, then chopping it and plowing it into the ground right away, Dave hopes to kill the nematodes.  He tried it last fall on another piece of ground, but the early cold last year did not allow the mustard to fully mature.  This year, the crop of mustard looks great!  Dave is always looking for sustainable agricultural practices that are suitable for our crops here in Oceana County!

An apple a day. . .

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

We have harvested the apples on our farm in Hart, and are keeping many varieties in our cooler to sell at the market until Christmas!  We can’t predict exactly when a certain variety will sell out, but you can ask at the market for a general idea, so you can stock up.  We have a good supply of SweeTango(R) for the next few weeks.  They are amazing to eat fresh, add crunch & flavor to green salads or chicken pasta salad, and they make delicious pies, holding a nice slice.  If you haven’t tried this apple yet, what are you waiting for?  Stop in the market for a free sample!  Our fresh fruit sample shelf is just inside the front doors, to the left. 

 (Volunteers fixing up the Andre Bosse Center in Hart are enjoying SweeTango(R) apples today!  Thanks for helping!)

Apple Harvest is History

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Our 2010 apple harvest is over.  All of our varieties of apples have been picked now, and the latest-maturing apples are at the market.  Fuji is the last variety to ripen on our farm; it is a very hard (dense) apple with a sweet flavor, and it is a great “keeper” (stores well for a long time).  Of course, when keeping apples for more than a day or two, they will hold up best under refrigeration.  Keep them in the hydrator drawer in your refrigerator (but never in the same drawer as carrots) or in another cold storage location.  They look pretty in that bowl on your countertop, but they won’t stay fresh very long there.  We still have a number of varieties of our own apples at our market in Hart, including SweeTango(R), so enjoy them during this bountiful season!

Fun for Fall

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Just for fun, just for fall:  Boo Poo, our Hallowe’en-theme label for yogurt covered cherries!  Also check out the “Boo Bags“; our gift basket guru has put together some great snacks in small gift bags for those special trick-or-treaters!  An alternative is the “Thankful” bag, if you aren’t into the Hallowe’en theme.  These would be nice little treats for teachers, friends, & secretaries, too–pick up a complimentary handmade gift tag & write a nice note on it, & for just a few bucks, you can make someone’s day!

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