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Photos on Home Page

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

The photos on our home page show some of the August bounty of our farm in Oceana County!  There is a photo of our colorful bell peppers at the market, then a peach tree which has been summer pruned to let the sun shine in to make the peaches nice and sweet!  Next, we are waiting for these apples to finish ripening so we can enjoy SweeTango(R) apples again–mm-mmm!  The funny-looking red veggies are ladyfinger tomatoes.  They are fun for kids to eat, and are easier  to slice up than grape tomatoes for salads.  The last photo is of our amazing sweet corn.  We should have sweet corn through Labor Day, so enjoy those meals with corn on the cob!  It’s tender and easy to eat, no matter how many teeth you have!  :-)

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