An apple a day. . .

We have harvested the apples on our farm in Hart, and are keeping many varieties in our cooler to sell at the market until Christmas!  We can’t predict exactly when a certain variety will sell out, but you can ask at the market for a general idea, so you can stock up.  We have a good supply of SweeTango(R) for the next few weeks.  They are amazing to eat fresh, add crunch & flavor to green salads or chicken pasta salad, and they make delicious pies, holding a nice slice.  If you haven’t tried this apple yet, what are you waiting for?  Stop in the market for a free sample!  Our fresh fruit sample shelf is just inside the front doors, to the left. 

 (Volunteers fixing up the Andre Bosse Center in Hart are enjoying SweeTango(R) apples today!  Thanks for helping!)

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