How close to ripe are they?

If you look at our home page, you will see six photos showing how crops are growing on our farm in Hart.  You’ll see Dave thinning off some frost-scarred apples; we hope that the apples that remain on the trees will be great quality SweeTango(R) apples by the end of August!  The next photo shows our earliest sweet corn (with my cousin Jeff Hawley’s legs for reference); the old saying for sweet corn, “Knee-high by the 4th of July” doesn’t apply–it will be knee-high by mid-June!  Next is a tart cherry tree, then a light sweet cherry tree, and then a black sweet cherry tree.  The tart cherries and light sweet cherries are similarly colored yellow; the black sweets have started turning red.  We should have ripe sweet cherries around June 19, if all goes well.  The final photo shows our tomatoes, staked, mulched, and trickle irrigated.  They are blooming right now, so we have to be patient.  We expect ripe tomatoes around the middle of July this year.

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