We’re back (after cyberspace glitches)!

  Apologies to those who tried to visit our website last week & were frustrated.  Our server was down for a while, but now we are back up and running.  Computers are so amazing when they work, but when they don’t, it’s like swimming in mud.

A correction to the last prediction of how long we will have SweeTango(R) apples at the market:  Dave thinks we will have enough to get through most of December.  I’m thinking some pies made out of SweeTango(R) would be a nice addition to the Thanksgiving dinner!   (Or any dinner, actually!)   I like to slice up SweeTango(R), sprinkle on a little vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to keep them from browning, and serve them at parties (with or without dip).  They are a healthful treat!  

I think the customer who drove 500 miles (from St. Louis, MO) to get our SweeTango(R) apples this past weekend might be our biggest fan!  Now, that’s commitment!


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