Surprising and Good Cookie Mixes

We always offer free samples at Rennhack Orchards Market in Hart.  Our apple varieties are always available to try, on the fresh fruit sampling shelf just inside the front doors (to your left as you enter).  Our sampling station on the wall behind the counter area is used for pantry items such as jams, salsas, and more.  Today I sampled Chocolate Chip Cherry Chipotle Cookies.  Yes, Chipotle!  It adds a surprising kick to these very tasty cookies.  We sell this gourmet cookie mix, as well as many other mixes from Creekside Grains in Traverse City.  Michael & Loretta develop recipes themselves, with the best ingredients.  They tweak them until they are just right!  (The rejects got fed to their neighborhood squirrels, which took to peering into the windows waiting for their handouts!)  We are happy to carry products that are made in West Michigan by small family businesses.

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