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Our own Apricots, Today until they’re gone!

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

A few apricots escaped the frosts (& escaped detection early in their development–big green apricot leaves do a good job at concealing little green apricots), & are at the market today. We also have the earliest of our sweet, juicy peaches, our own bell peppers (first picking), zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, summer plums (Methley, Early Magic, Early Golden), tart cherries, & Honeycrisp while they last, and local blueberries. We hope to start harvesting our fresh sweet corn on Saturday.

FAQ & the short answers for 2012

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Q: How did your crops do over the winter/spring?
A: With our three frost fans & extra care, we were able to save about 20% of most crops, overall. (Apricots & some specific orchard sites froze out completely.)
Q: How will you have enough fruit for the market?
A: We usually grow specialty crop fruit on our farm in large enough quantities to supply our market, and also to sell some to other farm markets. Our biggest crops (several varieties of apples, and tart cherries) are grown in much larger quantities, and we take the vast majority of these crops to processors.
This year, almost all of our specialty crop fruit will be sold only here at our market, and the processors will not be receiving as much fruit from us as usual.
Q: Why are your prices higher this year?
A: Although we have about 20% of a crop overall, our expenses are not that much lower (perhaps 80% of usual). Think about it: If you worked 50 hours/week at $10/hour, you would make $500/week. If you were able to pay your bills, and put a little aside, you’d be satisfied. But what if you had a pay cut, working 50 hours & only getting $100/week–would you be able to pay your bills? Even if you doubled that, you’d be unhappy. We aren’t even doubling our prices.

Photos on home page

Monday, July 19th, 2010

The photos on our home page were taken July 11.  They are of early sweet corn, peaches, apricots, black sweet cherries, tart (Montmorency) cherries, and our tomatoes which are not ripe yet.  We are growing all of these right here in Hart!

Busy on the farm

Saturday, July 10th, 2010

Life on the farm is NOT kind of laid back at this time of year!  (Sorry, John Denver!)  Dave has been busy shaking cherries with his crew this week.  (I hand-pick the Montmorency cherries we are selling at the market.)  Oceana County is one of the USA’s top producers of tart (Montmorency) cherries.  The cherries Dave shakes are processed into cherry pie filling, dried cherries, tart cherry juice concentrate, etc.

Meanwhile, other jobs on the farm continue:  Training tomato vines, summer pruning peaches and nectarines, harvesting cucumbers, zucchini, and summer squash, hand-picking black sweet cherries, picking apricots and peaches as they ripen, caring for sweet corn as it grows, monitoring for pests, maintaining equipment, keeping up with paperwork. . .

However, there is still time for a few special moments with grandchildren!  Thanks to Amie Van Amberg for shooting a photo of Dave with grandson Theo, and for sharing it!  This was at the end of a long day of cherry shaking for Dave, and Amie was taking 6-month photos of Theo.  Our daughter Zekara put her son on Grampy’s lap, and Amie caught this sweet moment on film.  

The best apricots are here!

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

We have two great varieties of apricots ripening now–Harcot, with a punch of tangy-sweet apricot flavor, and Hargrand, baseball-size and juicily sweet!  We’re pretty much finished with light sweet cherries (the heat/humidity/rain did not help our last two trees), but have two varieties of black sweet cherries to finish picking.  We will have Montmorency (tart) cherries into next week, when we’ll add Balaton tart cherries to our offerings.  (Balatons are darker, firmer, and sweeter than Montmorency cherries.  They have a red juice and make great pies, as well as being very tasty for fresh eating!)  Enjoy the short seasons of fresh local fruit while you can!

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