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Apple Harvest is History

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Our 2010 apple harvest is over.  All of our varieties of apples have been picked now, and the latest-maturing apples are at the market.  Fuji is the last variety to ripen on our farm; it is a very hard (dense) apple with a sweet flavor, and it is a great “keeper” (stores well for a long time).  Of course, when keeping apples for more than a day or two, they will hold up best under refrigeration.  Keep them in the hydrator drawer in your refrigerator (but never in the same drawer as carrots) or in another cold storage location.  They look pretty in that bowl on your countertop, but they won’t stay fresh very long there.  We still have a number of varieties of our own apples at our market in Hart, including SweeTango(R), so enjoy them during this bountiful season!

New photos on homepage

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

You know it’s getting toward the end of summer when local melons are ripe!  The photos of our farm in Oceana County on our homepage include some of our melons (we have both orange-fleshed and green-fleshed melons, sweet and juicy), one of our watermelons (we grow several varieties), a close-up of apples showing the typical freckling of SweeTango(R) apples that are turning red (we hope these will make the grade to earn the name!), one of our young orchards which will produce some SweeTango(R) apples around the first of September (the apples will be nice and red by then!), and two photos of peaches ripening.  You may notice the stubs of branches near a couple of the peaches.  Summer pruning is done on peaches; branches without fruit (often growing straight up) are removed to prevent them from shading the fruit.  Peaches need to see plenty of sunshine to develop their beautiful color and juicy sweet flavor.

Tomato season is here!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

You say “toe-may-toe”, and I say “toe-mah-toe”–but we all say “Hooray!”  because tomato season has arrived here in Oceana County!  Our vine-ripened tomatoes are now available at our market.  Just a tip–the very ripest ones get snagged right away, so pick up some today for this weekend’s BLTs, and let them get that much riper on your counter at home.  Oh, boy, we’ve been waiting for this farm fresh flavor!

Light Sweet Cherries Begin June 24!

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Sweet cherry season is whizzing past at breakneck speed this year on our farm in Hart.  We have completed harvest of our earliest variety of black sweet cherries (Cavalier), and have been picking Kristen and Ulster, our mid-season varieties.  Beginning tomorrow, I will be picking light sweet cherries (we have several varieties) each day for the next couple of weeks (depending upon the weather).  We will have free samples of cherries at the market, so you can taste the varieties before you buy.  

Our two aprium trees have given us a few pints this year.  Tomorrow may be the last day for them (until next season); there aren’t any left on one tree, and the other has just a few.  They are tasty!

How close to ripe are they?

Friday, June 11th, 2010

If you look at our home page, you will see six photos showing how crops are growing on our farm in Hart.  You’ll see Dave thinning off some frost-scarred apples; we hope that the apples that remain on the trees will be great quality SweeTango(R) apples by the end of August!  The next photo shows our earliest sweet corn (with my cousin Jeff Hawley’s legs for reference); the old saying for sweet corn, “Knee-high by the 4th of July” doesn’t apply–it will be knee-high by mid-June!  Next is a tart cherry tree, then a light sweet cherry tree, and then a black sweet cherry tree.  The tart cherries and light sweet cherries are similarly colored yellow; the black sweets have started turning red.  We should have ripe sweet cherries around June 19, if all goes well.  The final photo shows our tomatoes, staked, mulched, and trickle irrigated.  They are blooming right now, so we have to be patient.  We expect ripe tomatoes around the middle of July this year.

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