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Tomato season is here!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

You say “toe-may-toe”, and I say “toe-mah-toe”–but we all say “Hooray!”  because tomato season has arrived here in Oceana County!  Our vine-ripened tomatoes are now available at our market.  Just a tip–the very ripest ones get snagged right away, so pick up some today for this weekend’s BLTs, and let them get that much riper on your counter at home.  Oh, boy, we’ve been waiting for this farm fresh flavor!

Dave’s trimming peach trees this spring.

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Dave took a look at our peach trees this spring, and went for the chain saw.   Peaches, like most of the fruit we grow, need plenty of sunshine to be at their most flavorful.  Pruning loppers are dandy for trimming smaller branches, but when large branches need to be scaled back or eliminated, the chain saw comes out.   Today, on our farm in Hart, I can hear the chain saw whirring as the peach trees are getting a major haircut.   It takes quite a bit of know-how to be able to quickly decide which branches will produce the highest quality fruit, and which branches need to be transformed into firewood.

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