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Apple Harvest is History

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Our 2010 apple harvest is over.  All of our varieties of apples have been picked now, and the latest-maturing apples are at the market.  Fuji is the last variety to ripen on our farm; it is a very hard (dense) apple with a sweet flavor, and it is a great “keeper” (stores well for a long time).  Of course, when keeping apples for more than a day or two, they will hold up best under refrigeration.  Keep them in the hydrator drawer in your refrigerator (but never in the same drawer as carrots) or in another cold storage location.  They look pretty in that bowl on your countertop, but they won’t stay fresh very long there.  We still have a number of varieties of our own apples at our market in Hart, including SweeTango(R), so enjoy them during this bountiful season!

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