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Is that a field of mustard?

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

You may be wondering why there are some photos of a field with yellow flowers on our home page.  Dave grew a special variety of mustard on this field, for a special purpose.  A nasty pest (nematode) lives in the soil; it is a microscopic worm that feeds on the roots of desirable crops.  Dave is trying a new method for managing this pest.  By growing this special variety of mustard to full bloom, then chopping it and plowing it into the ground right away, Dave hopes to kill the nematodes.  He tried it last fall on another piece of ground, but the early cold last year did not allow the mustard to fully mature.  This year, the crop of mustard looks great!  Dave is always looking for sustainable agricultural practices that are suitable for our crops here in Oceana County!

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