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New photos on homepage

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

You know it’s getting toward the end of summer when local melons are ripe!  The photos of our farm in Oceana County on our homepage include some of our melons (we have both orange-fleshed and green-fleshed melons, sweet and juicy), one of our watermelons (we grow several varieties), a close-up of apples showing the typical freckling of SweeTango(R) apples that are turning red (we hope these will make the grade to earn the name!), one of our young orchards which will produce some SweeTango(R) apples around the first of September (the apples will be nice and red by then!), and two photos of peaches ripening.  You may notice the stubs of branches near a couple of the peaches.  Summer pruning is done on peaches; branches without fruit (often growing straight up) are removed to prevent them from shading the fruit.  Peaches need to see plenty of sunshine to develop their beautiful color and juicy sweet flavor.

Enjoy our own watermelon and cantaloupe!

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

We’ve just started harvesting some of our watermelon, grown right on our farm in Oceana County!  The early and hot weather has brought them to the point of sweet and juicy ripeness!  We have personal-size (about the size of a soccer ball) as well as the traditional size watermelons.  We also are well into our cantaloupe season, and they are aromatic, sweet, juicy and flavorful!  You can select personal-size (about the size of a softball) or traditional size melons; all are good!  Dave loves melons, so he selects the best varieties to grow, and nurtures them with care.  He trains our workers to pick the melons at their peak quality and ripeness, so you know you’ll get a good one, whichever you select!  If you try to shop local, it doesn’t get more local than this!

Plentiful peaches!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

We’ll have three main-season varieties of sweet and juicy peaches at our market in Hart this week.  The guys will start picking them today, and this hot weather will keep them ripening quickly!  These are freestone peaches, although we’ve heard that Red Haven are very sticky to the pit this year.  We’ll be slicing them so we’ll be able to recommend the easiest one for you to can or freeze.  Thanks for enjoying our fruits and vegetables that are fresh from our orchards and fields!

Green sweet cherries are showing.

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Walking through the orchards today, I could easily see the pea-sized (and pea-colored) sweet cherries emerging from the shucks.  (After the blossoms are pollinated, tiny little green cherries start to grow and the other parts of the blossom start drying up and falling off.)  Some branches have pea-sized cherries, tiny cherries still in the shucks, and pretty white blossoms showing at the same time.  I guess this is where the term “late bloomer” came from.   Just as children who are “late bloomers” usually gain the same skills (but at a later date) as their peers, the late blooming blossoms will produce fruit that ripens a little later than the rest of the fruit on the tree.

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