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Have you tried our SweeTango(R) apples yet?

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

According to a number of our customers, our SweeTango(R) apples are better than the ones they have purchased elsewhere.  This is interesting, since one objective of having a managed variety is to keep the quality standards up, no matter where the fruit is purchased.  Perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising, though, if you think about it.  Dave works hard to grow the best quality apples that he can, and spends a lot of time with the crew at harvest to ensure gentle handling.  The apples are promptly stored in our cooler.  When we take the apples to the market, it’s just a short little drive, and then our staff continue the gentle handling that prevents bruising.  The apples have traveled perhaps a mile from the tree to the consumer.

Contrast that with the grower who has to truck his apples long distances to a packing house, which then sorts and bags them and puts them in another truck to go to a store.  Bumpity-bump go the trucks over the roads.  The apples may get put in a large bin in the store, where customers can handle them roughly.  Hmmm.  No wonder there can be a qualitative difference.  There is nothing that’s quite as good as fresh from the orchard!

We’re back (after cyberspace glitches)!

Monday, October 24th, 2011

  Apologies to those who tried to visit our website last week & were frustrated.  Our server was down for a while, but now we are back up and running.  Computers are so amazing when they work, but when they don’t, it’s like swimming in mud.

A correction to the last prediction of how long we will have SweeTango(R) apples at the market:  Dave thinks we will have enough to get through most of December.  I’m thinking some pies made out of SweeTango(R) would be a nice addition to the Thanksgiving dinner!   (Or any dinner, actually!)   I like to slice up SweeTango(R), sprinkle on a little vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to keep them from browning, and serve them at parties (with or without dip).  They are a healthful treat!  

I think the customer who drove 500 miles (from St. Louis, MO) to get our SweeTango(R) apples this past weekend might be our biggest fan!  Now, that’s commitment!

Beautiful day last Saturday!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

What perfect weather for the Silver Lake Sand Dunes Apple & BBQ Cook-Off Festival last Saturday, September 10!  I cored & sliced six varieties of apples all day long, for festival attendees to sample.  We had our own SweeTango(R), Honeycrisp, Zestar!, Elstar, Gingergold, and Chestnut apples for sale and for sampling.  By day’s end, I had about eight gallons of apple cores–that’s a lot of slicing!  It was a fun day.  We saw many friends there, and met many new people.

SweeTango(R) Apples are ripe!

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

The wait is over!  SweeTango(R) apples are ready for you to enjoy!  Stop by the market to pick some up, for that great “crunch” and harmonious sweet-tart flavor combination!   It’s time to let your taste buds dance with SweeTango(R)!

In case you haven’t been in Oceana County for the past few years, this great new apple is a cross between Honeycrisp (mom) and Zestar! (dad), developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota.  Dave got in at the beginning of the commercial venture, and planted thousands of trees, so we have been able to sample them out for area residents and visitors for a few years now.  This year, the trees are bigger and there are more apples, so they will be more available to more people across the nation.  One special thing about SweeTango(R) is that it is a managed apple variety, and the apples don’t even get to be called “SweeTango” unless they meet stringent quality standards.  This means that every time you eat a SweeTango(R), you get a great eating experience!   Get yours at Rennhack Orchards Market, your local source for SweeTango(R) apples!

An apple a day. . .

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

We have harvested the apples on our farm in Hart, and are keeping many varieties in our cooler to sell at the market until Christmas!  We can’t predict exactly when a certain variety will sell out, but you can ask at the market for a general idea, so you can stock up.  We have a good supply of SweeTango(R) for the next few weeks.  They are amazing to eat fresh, add crunch & flavor to green salads or chicken pasta salad, and they make delicious pies, holding a nice slice.  If you haven’t tried this apple yet, what are you waiting for?  Stop in the market for a free sample!  Our fresh fruit sample shelf is just inside the front doors, to the left. 

 (Volunteers fixing up the Andre Bosse Center in Hart are enjoying SweeTango(R) apples today!  Thanks for helping!)

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